Monday, March 13, 2017

Hosting a Movie Party

Did you watch the Oscars this year? This was the first year that I had actually seen several of the Best Picture movies with my friends.. We loved La La Land, Hidden Figures and Hacksaw Ridge. There were also favorite movies in other categories, such as Moana, and Zootopia.   This year would have been a great year to have an Oscars party, but with work schedules and illness a late Sunday night party did not work out.  Instead we decided to get together on a Saturday night this past weekend.  As you know from past posts, I am a brand ambassador for Oriental Trading.  I am going to share some of the great movie party supplies they sent me to try out.  In the picture above you can see the film strip table runner, the cascading centerpiece, one of the popcorn cups, and the glitter star garland. 

We had originally thought we would have pizza and finger foods, but the meal kind of morphed into a sit down dinner since we kept the party small. We bought a couple of rotisserie chickens, frozen veggies, and salad.  Then during the movies, we snacked on popcorn, cookies and ice cream.   

Here is a better view of the table runner and centerpiece taken while we were setting up.  The table runner was made a paper. I did have to tape it down to keep it flat, but once secure it fit perfectly on the table. 

We had clapboard favor boxes which were the perfect size for treats. 

Because my friend has painted walls, I did get a little creative on how I hung the decorations.  The glitter star garland, made her light over the table will stand out. 

The film strip paper streamer was hung in a few places in the kitchen and in the family room where we watched the movies.  It was only one sided, which is why it looks like it is hanging a little funny.  I did not want the back side of the streamer to show. 

We ate our meal on special movie themed plates, and used movie night napkins.  

All around the house we hung movie night themed cardboard cut outs..  

While B was helping me set up, she also had some fun with some of the photo props. 

We hung the VIP red carpet banner in my friends bay window which ended up being the perfect spot for some picture.  B and T are showing off the directors clapboards. I had planned on writing on them which movie we were watching but did not end up deciding until every one was there.  We ended up watching Guardians of the Galaxy and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. 

I have no idea why this was taken on an angle, or why I am holding my leg in a funny manner but me, B and T are posing with more of the photo props.  

One decoration I did not get a photo of was the film strip photo frame that holds a 3 x 5 picture.  I am planning printing one of my favorite pics of the night to put in the frame. 

Oriental Trading  has many more movie night themed party supplies in addition to what I shared here. There are so many, it is easy to have a low key night with friends like we did, or an elaborate themed dance or party that is a night to remember.  

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