Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Easy Heart Charcuterie Board

While I actually bought this heart shaped charcuterie board for Valentine's Day from Dollar Tree Plus, I was not able to put together the board until this week.  Every Monday I watch the Bachelor with D, so I decided to make my heart snack board to eat while we were watching the show. 

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I bought this XOXO heart board that came with a cute mini serving knife for $5 in the Plus aisle.  It was with the Valentine's Day items that ranged from $3 to $5. If you like the heart board, I have also seen other shaped boards the last few months for Thanksgiving and Christmas for well. 


I also picked up this spatula and heart cookie cutter set at the Dollar Tree. While I am not using the spatula for this project, I did want to use the heart cookie cutter. 

I used the cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes from hard salami and our favorite cheeses.  I used the bit of salami left over to roll up into tiny roses.   The tomatoes I had on hand, did not quite work out.  If they were bigger and a little firmer, I could have made them look more like hearts. They were a little bit too small and soft to cut. I used mini cucumbers and sliced them to form hearts and secured with toothpicks.  I also cut the tops off the strawberries in the shape of a small V, so they too look like hearts. 

I was able to make this board in just a few minutes with about $10 in snacks. I really love how it turned out, and will definitely been making one again.   

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