Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Chip Can Scarecrow

I was going through some old photos the other day, and came across one of my favorite fall crafts I made some time ago. You do not need a lot of supplies to make this scarecrow, just some paper, raffia, and adhesive of some kind.   

I color blocked the paper onto the can for the face, shirt and pants.  

I drew on the face with markers, and used a scrap of paper for the nose.  I added small white dot to the eyes after I took the picture.  

I then added some marker details to the shirt and pants. I used two thing scraps of blue paper for the overall straps, and a scrap of orange for his patch. 

The arms are made from a strip of paper about three to four inches long, and the whatever width you prefer.   Fold the paper about an inch on one side and attach it to the body. 

Add raffia to the head and arms 

The hardest part of the scarecrow is to make the hat Ball up a piece of a paper and tape it to the top of the head.  It will give the hat shape and dimension.  

Cut a circle out of thin brown paper big enough to make the hat.  If you don't have thin paper, a paper lunch sack will work well.  Have someone hold the paper in place while a piece of string is tied around the hat, to give the hat shape. 

Trim the string if needed.  

Fold the paper hat up around the string to make the brim. 

I found a cute sunflower sticker and added it to the hat, and he was finished.  I love how cute he looks sitting out during the fall.    


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