Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Beautiful Wedding Decor Ideas

If you visited last Friday's Dare to Share Party, you saw that my bonus daughter got married this past weekend. It was a very long weekend with a lot of set up and clean up, but the wedding was BEAUTIFUL! We had such a great day with gorgeous weather.   The bride had a specific vision of what she wanted for her decorations, and made most of them over the last couple of months.


Part of her vision for the wedding is to make sure everyone had plenty to eat.  Since her actual ceremony was earlier in the day, she wanted to provide coffee and donuts, snacks to munch on throughout the day, and a catered meal.  Just like it sounds, it was A LOT of food.  The guest definitely did not go hungry, and there was still a lot left over at the end of the day.  In this picture you are looking at 192 cans of pop, beer, wine, lots of fruits and vegetables, cheese and snack meats. 

They were not sure how much water we would need.  With all of those other drinks, we had 5 or 6 water jugs left over. 

On the counter is chips, crackers and cookies. 

There were many boxes of decorations to bring to the venue. We had multiple cars, and it took a couple of trips. 

To save on cost, but still match her nature theme, the bride had been finding items at thrift stores, and on marketplace.  She used these on the dessert and snack tables.  

She rented tablecloths in her wedding colors.  Half of the tables had vine runners, and the others had green mesh runners.  Every chair had a green sash tied around it. 

Both tables were lined with small glass jars with tea lights (see below) 

I helped the bride make these.  We wrapped the top with twine around the top of the jar.  Inside the jar is a little bit of greenery, small pearls and a white tea light.  

The main centerpiece was gorgeous.  She used large gold wrapped cans as a vase for the bouquet of flowers that she made herself. The base was a slice of a tree.  

Each table had a table number which really helped when it was time to go to the buffet. We were at the bride's family table so we went right after the main bridal party.  

On the dessert table, the large wooden tiered trays old delicious cupcakes of different flavors from a local bakery. 

On this tray are chocolate cherry and strawberry cupcakes. 

The newlyweds cut a small carrot cake. The bride has to eat gluten free, so this cake was safe for her to eat. 

The bride made all of the corsages and boutonnieres. She hand painted each of the handmade flowers before making the arrangements. 

The morning of the ceremony the guests were treated with coffee and donuts while they waited. The wedding was outside under a beautiful tree.  It truly was a magical day, and the decorations helped make it feel that way. 


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