Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Countdown to Christmas - Christmas Cracker DIY


You may be wondering what is a Christmas Cracker.  I have to admit, I have always wondered too.  Being the teacher I am, I am always curious to learn new things that I do not know. I did some research so I can share what they are with you.  

A Christmas cracker is a cardboard tube wrapped in paper that is filled with small gifts, treats, jokes etc. While it is not as well known in America, they are a tradition in area such as the United Kingdom and  Australia.   Around 1850, Tom Smith, a candy maker in London, invented them to sells his sweets. He was not successful at first, until one day when he was inspired by the crackle of a log in his fireplace.  That spark got him to imagine how much people would enjoy opening his toys and sweets, if the wrapping made a cracking noise when pulled apart.   He ran with that idea, and the concept of Christmas Crackers were born. 

Traditionally Christmas crackers are sat by each plate a Christmas dinner. 

Do you have a Christmas dinner tradition in your family? 

To make a homemade Christmas crackers fill a cardboard tube with treats such as wrapped candy, small toys, and confetti.

Next wrap the filled cardboard tubes in wrapping paper.  It is does not have be peppermint inspired like what I used,  but I wanted to use mine to look like a large piece of candy.  I added paper circles to cover the ends to look more like a peppermint, but it can also be made by having an couple inches of paper on each side of the tube as well

I wrapped in plastic wrap to make it look more like candy, and to hold the candy in the tube.  Tie the a piece of ribbon around the ends of the tube.  

While homemade cardboard tubes might not make a cracking sound they can be broke open to get to the treats. If you put paper on the ends like what I did above, then the paper ends can be popped open as well.   

 Christmas crackers filled with treats could be a fun gift that your elf could bring your kids as we get closer to Christmas. 

If you are looking for elf inspiration with ideas that entire family can do, I have Elf Activity Cards in my Etsy Shop.  Your elf can bring different cards for the kids, or even the entire family can do as we enjoy the Christmas season.  

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While doing my research on Christmas crackers I found some really cute ones online that you may be interested in.. 

These are an 8 pc no snap set of Christmas crackers. I really like how they have the wrapping lined up to look like different characters.  Each on includes a silver hat, a small gift and a joke. 

This 12 piece set, includes several different games. I adore the elf one! 

They are not just decorated in kids prints. I love all things buffalo print and this 10 pack of Christmas crackers are currently on sale. 

They even have Thanksgiving Crackers and they are 60% off, and the cheapest price they have been. This is something you can buy now, and save for next year.  

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