Tuesday, December 14, 2021

More Unusual Last Minute Gift Ideas


If you saw my post last week Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts, you know I talked about a really fun place to visit in the Cincinnati area called Jungle Jims.  We went back this past weekend to both of their  locations.  I took more pictures and found several more great gift ideas that I definitely want to share.  

Jungle Jims is an International Market that has everything you can imagine. Not only does it sell all kinds of food from all over the world, it has so much more.  There is just so much to see, you could easily spend hours in the store and still not be able to see it all. 

 In the picture at the top of the post, you can see some of the cute little country shops where you can find popular items.  In this picture you can see the  wall of specialty pop. 

There is almost every kind and flavor you can imagine there.  In the past I have bought KISS Soda (yes after the rock band)  Unicorn Yack, and Birthday Cake.  While I did to not buy the pop I am holding Bacon Soda with Chocolate sounds very umm interesting. 

Another cool thing they do is have a Big Cheese area. They make giant logs of cheese (think 800+ lbs) and hang it while it ages. 

In their Christmas section, they had a dog house size gingerbread house that was made out of actual gingerbread. 

Another thing super interesting are the infamous restrooms.  The doors look like you are going to be entering a port-a-potty.  Well looks are deceiving.  When you open the door it is actually just the entrance to a very large NICE restroom. 

 I have to share the AMAZING finds I found in their gift/novelty section.  Be prepared for a long list of some fantastic finds. If you are interested in any buying any  of these items, I searched all of them, and they are available on Amazon.  (these are affiliate links) 

If you know someone who loves Bob Ross, did you know you can buy your very one Bob Ross Doll , and Monopoly Game.

I literally squealed when I saw this on the shelf.  I LOVE QUEEN! Now that I know this game exists I NEED a Queen Monopoly Game

There were actually quite a few themed board games 

In addition to the games, I found these great items.. 

I hope you like these finds as much as I do.  There were just so many cool things, I could not list them all.   If you are ever in the Cincinnati area be sure to stop by Jungle Jim's. It is definitely a must see location.  

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