Friday, July 9, 2021

How to make a watermelon themed gift basket

As you saw in my last post, we recently had a watermelon themed birthday party.  My gift for the birthday girl was a watermelon themed gift basket.  

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The first thing I did was look for a "basket".   I found this large green bowl that reminded me of half a watermelon. I painted a few stripes to make it look even more like a melon.  Every single item I found for this gift basket, including the bowl was found at the Dollar Tree.

I lined the bowl with red tissue paper, and then some bright pink. I could not decide which one I like better, so I used them both. 

It was then time to start arranging all of the goodies.  There were many different types of watermelon candies and gum. I may have bought a few extra bags for myself to eat as well. 

The Dollar Tree has a large number of different skin care products. I was very excited to find a watermelon line with cleansers, facial wipes and masks.  They work well and smell really good.  

I found the large watermelon zipper pouch after I had taken the second picture which is why you see a few of the items in both pictures.  I found a melon cosmetic bag, a smaller zipper pouch, a keychain, phone accessories, and lip balm. (she loved all of them!) 

I found a fun novelty glass with a wrap around straw, and a cute little banner she should hang to remind her of her birthday.  

There were so many items it was hard to fit everything in, but I made it work.  Behind the basket is a large bottle of watermelon ice tea that was too big and heavy for the basket. 

To hid what was inside the gift basket until it was time to open her gifts, I covered the top with more red tissue paper.  

The watermelon gift basket was a BIG HIT!  I promised the birthday girl that I would not post pics of her since she hates having her picture taken so you will have to take my word for hit.  Lets just say that when empty it also make a great melon hat.  LOL!! 

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