Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Benefits of an Every Plate Meal Box

Meal box unboxing day 

My daughter and I decided to try a meal box for the first time about 2 months ago. I had heard that Every Plate was very affordable, so when I saw a special deal I signed us up.  We are currently on our 5th and 6th box, and we have been very happy about the side benefits that we were not expecting.  I recently asked for my daughters thoughts, and I found she liked receiving it for many of the same reasons as I did.  

Loaded Baked Potato Chowder  

My Favorite Reasons 

Cost  - The cost of three meals for two people is cheaper than eating out once at a chain restaurant.   The final cost per week is less than $20 per person for the entire week, and that's with shipping included. I am also spending less on groceries since I have to buy less at the store.  

Healthier Meals -  On nights when I had a long day, I have been known just to throw some kind of frozen food in the oven or air fryer and call it good.  They were not usually the healthiest choices.  We are eat A LOT more vegetables with our meals in our Every Plate box. 

Apricot Glazed Pork Chops 

Trying New Things -  I have to admit, I am not exactly adventurous when it comes to food. When I eat out, I have my regular menu choices at most of the places we eat on a frequent basis. I also have my mainstays in what I buy at the store.  Every Plate has a lot of menu choices we have not tried before, and I have been eating meals that I probably would not make on my own if I didn't have a meal box. 

Convenience -  Our Every Plate box arrives at our door on the delivery day we choose.  It is nice not to have to run to the store to go pick out something to eat for dinner. I know I already have everything I need for dinner right in my refrigerator. 

Time Spent Together - The last couple of years, my almost 20 year old daughter and I have not spent a lot of time doing things together. We don't always want to do the same things, so she would not go anywhere. She has also had a few years where she was dealing with bad anxiety and depression, and didn't want to leave her room.  She has been feeling a lot better lately, and we both enjoy cooking the meals as a team.  She cuts all the produce, while I am usually the one at the stove.  

Recipe Cards - We receive a recipe card with every meal.  Several of the recipes we have tried have been so delicious, we know we want to make them again.  We can make them anytime we want to, since we have the recipe.  There have been several glazes and sauces that we have loved that we can easily make and use with other meals.

Red Hot Ranch Chicken Sandwich and Spiced Potato Wedges 

My Daughters Reasons

Like Old Times/Time With Mom - When my daughter was young, she loved helping in the kitchen.  She told me that cooking dinner with me several nights a week makes her happy, because it reminds her of good memories of when she was a kid. 

Portion Control -  While the portions are big, and we do not always finish them, overall there is less waste and leftovers than meals we would make on our own.  

Variety -  She likes the variety of the meals, and trying things she normally would not try.  

Extras - We don't always finish off all the spices and seasonings.  We are able to keep it and use at a later time on something else.  

Eco - Friendly - My daughter would like to save the planet. She likes recycling, and not having a lot of waste.  The meals are shipped in boxes, and with recyclable freeze packs. 

Farmers Market Penne 

There are only a couple of small things that we wish were a little different, but they are minor.    I don't like hot, spicy food, and my stomach is not happy when I eat it either.  There have been some recipes that I would have like to try, but they only came in a spicy option.    My daughter's wish is that there were more veggie options.  Over the last several months she has decided to go more vegetarian, and has cut back on eating many meats. Every Plate does have some vegetarian options each week, but she would like to have more.   

There has been a couple of weeks that we have skipped.  It is easy to do on the website where you choose your meals.  We have done so on weeks when we were going to be too busy to make meals, or could not agree on three meals for the week.  

Would you like to try Every Plate?  They have a special promotion going on where you can get $20 off your first box. 
You can find out more and get your special reduced price box here. You may find that there are special benefits for you and your family too. 

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