Monday, October 5, 2020

Splatter Screen Mesh Pumpkin from Dollar Tree Items


I finally had the chance to craft this past weekend.  I have  wanted to make this splatter screen pumpkin made with Dollar Tree items for quite awhile.  For most of August, I could not find the splatter screens.  I checked several Dollar Trees on my vacation all around Michigan. I also checked many of the stores in my area.  They were out of stock at every store.  Then one day, all of the stores got more in stock and now they are available everywhere again. 

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To make this craft, you need three splatter screens, three rolls of orange meshorange tinsel pipe cleaners or wire and some harvest themed ribbon of your choice. 

The handles of the splatter screen can easily be removed with a screw driver.  To make the pumpkin shape, start by overlapping two of the screens by a few inches and secure with either pipe cleaner or wire. 

Center and layer the third screen over the other two and secure with pipe cleaner or wire.  

Start wrapping the mesh on one of the other screens securing it on the back side with pipe cleaners cut in half.  Place the pipe cleaners about an inch apart.

Continue wrapping and securing the mesh until the entire screen is covered. It should take a little over 2 rolls of mesh.  I decided to finish the entire third roll and cover the pumpkin with another layer. 

To make the bow, I layered three different fall theme ribbons. I folded each ribbon three times on each side.  The bottom layer was a little bit longer than the middle, and then the middle was a little bit longer than the top.  I secures all three ribbons with a pipe cleaner.  To make tails for my bow, I also secured one long piece of folded ribbon to the back of the bow using the same pipe cleaner. 

Once all the ribbon is secured with the pipe cleaner,  gently pull out the ribbon loops and fluff them a bit.  When you like how it looks, used the pipe cleaner to secure the bow to the top of the pumpkin. 

This pumpkin is pretty light weight and can easily be hung on the wall, door, or even in a wreath.   


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