Thursday, May 21, 2020

Dollar Tree New AWESOME Finds

As you may know, the Dollar Tree is one of my favorite stores. In the last several months they have really stepped up their game, and have sold some really amazing things. Here are some of my current finds that are in the stores right now.  

How cute is that toucan?! I am not having a luau, but I think I might want to in the future if it means more colorful toucans. 

Know anyone graduating?  There are really cute rubber duckie 2020 graduates that would make a great gift. 

I found the wooden cat in the new Crafter Square section.  I think that wooden piece on it's face it is supposed to be it's muzzle, but I think it looks like a face mask.  I am going to paint it as a face mask which not so serious way to remember the quarantine of 2020. 

I had to pick up the 4th of July unicorn. I love unicorns, and I have never seen a red, white and blue one. If you like dogs, they also had a canine version.

Here are some gift ideas for kids, and yes, I am a big kid so I picked some up. These mini boos blind boxes are mini TY figurines. You have no idea what is inside until you open them. I also found a giant unicorn eraser. 

I was pretty impressed with the quality of the mini boos. They are well made, and heavy. I had two penguins and a teddy bear in my boxes.  There are 12 to collect in this series, and all are super cute. 

By the check out I found multipurpose bandanas.  You can wear them in multiple ways, including as a face mask.  I really like purple, so this will go with many of my outfits. 

I think I am most excited about these cell phone accessories, all only for $1 each.  

These adjustable hands are heavy duty, and perfect for holding my cell phone.  I have seen them on sale in other places for a lot more.  The hold different sizes of phone and tablets.

I have been looking for a hands free phone holder for my car for quite awhile that is inexpensive and fits in my car.  They had one you can use in an air vent which is good, because my car is a bit older and does not have a lot of space.  This one works in my vent next to my steering wheel, which is a perfect spot to see my online maps. 

If you like to take photos, check out this wide angle lens you can add to your cell phone.  The lens clips to your phone camera and actually works... check the photos below.

This first picture was taken with my regular came lens.

In the same spot as the first picture, I took this picture of the same tree.  You can definitely tell a difference. While it is not super high end, it is really cool for the price. 

Also brand new to my stores are these gorgeous lemon dishes.  They had dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and several different glasses.  I did not need a full set but I did pick up a few dinner plates and bowls. They would be so cute to use for a shower, garden party or just because you think they are pretty.  

I hope you liked these awesome finds as much as I did.  I may have already found a few new ones to share next week! 

Happy shopping!

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