Friday, March 27, 2020

Recipes for Kids (Cooking with Kyle)

Long time readers may remember a series I did a few years back called Cooking with Kyle.  My son was interested in cooking and came up with several kid friendly recipes and shared them on the blog.  Well Kyle is all grown up now, and in college.  He still likes to cook, and helps out making meals occasionally  on days I am working.  While we are sheltering in place, making lots of meals and trying to find things for our kids to do, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a roundup of our Cooking with Kyle recipes.  If you have a kid that wants to give cooking a try, here they are. 

This was his first recipe all the way back in early 2012. He came up with his own Chicken Salad recipe and added a healthy surprise.  He was so proud of himself, and I remember it tasting really good. 

His second recipe was also a big success.  His burritos had mushrooms, sausage, and cheese, but you can make them with whatever ingredients you have on hand. 

Kyle still loves turkey and cheese sandwiches, he just does not always take the time to grill them. 

Kyle with the ingredients needed for his Cooking with Kyle burritos

What can I say?  Kyle really likes Burritos.  In this recipe he made some for dinner.  

snack recipes, quick and easy meals, appetizers

In this post you get two recipes in one, and some silly pictures. 

This recipe was quick and easy and tasted really good. I am not sure if they still make Fresh Takes, but I am sure there is some there are similar breading kits out there. 

Look at that face! LOL!  He was smiling at the beginning of the recipe. We really liked these marinated pork chops, and it looks like it is about time to make them again.  

This time it was not a full meal, but a warm yummy snack. 

A quick and easy healthy meal.  

Don't have pizza rolls in the house? This recipe shows you how to make your own and they are DELICIOUS! 

Chocolate Strawberry Muffins, Cooking with Kyle

Another delicious recipe that we will need to make again soon. They really disappeared fast during the photo shoot. 

Homemade Potato Salad, Egg Potato Salad, Cooking with Kyle

A great side dish for the Cheesy BBQ Sliders below 

Shopping on a budget, Slider ingredients

These are really good, and kid size. 

Homemade Pizza with Cooking with Kyle

This recipe was not your usual pizza.  Kyle put a twist on it, so there was something for everyone. 

I hope you enjoyed this round up of Cooking with Kyle recipes.  Some of them we forgot about, so we need to try them again.   In the next few days I will also be doing a round up for Crafting with Kara posts for those kid crafters out there.  

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