Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crafting with Kara-Pet Memory Box

R.I.P Sonic the Hamster,  October 28, 2012

  Today's craft came about because of something sad.  We had to bury Sonic the hamster.  A few months ago he started to get a small tumor on the back of his head/neck.  The vet was able to drain it and he was doing well for about two months.   In Sept, we had to drain it again. The Dr felt Sonic still had some life in him, but we would need to keep a close eye on him.  A week later, the tumor was back again. This time it grew so big and so  fast that it was more than our little drawf hamster could take. Today we knew it was time because it was affecting his eyes, ears and balance.   

We brought him home to bury in the backyard underneath our big tree.  Kara decided she wanted to make him a special box. She designed a box that looked like her  hamster.  While she used this box to bury him in,  we both felt this might be a good way for kids to remember a special pet.  They could store their favorite memory, a favorite pet toy, drawing or pictures in their animal themed box. 

While she was making this marker under the tree, Kara had a very surreal experience.  Do you remember the cranes that live in my neighborhood?  Kara said she saw them fly overhead.  They then turned around and landed in our yard.  She said they stood looking at her  about 10 feet away with their heads bowed for a few moments like they were paying their respects.  When she was done, they quietly flew away.  She said it was something she will always remember.    


  1. Awww...I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your furry friend. What a neat idea Kara had. So cool about the crains. :)


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