Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dare to Share #297

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share!! 

This week somehow go away from me. I am not really sure how though.  Monday we were off of school.  Wednesday I got an call into work for a teacher friend with a sick baby.  (was asked to work 3 more days by other teachers just being there that day.  Yesterday I met a friend and her sister for lunch, went grocery shopping, and then this arrived.. 

It is so much fun getting boxes in the mail.  I will be working on one of three parties this weekend!! Here is a hint, the theme is something that I LOVE.. :) 

Easily make your own personalized party favors for any party theme with these easy notebook party favors.  Using these simple step by step directions, you can make a notebook out of a fun printable that's perfect for any party.

If you are interested in making your own party favors, you will want to check out this tutorial by my co-host Kim from Everyday Parties

Now it is time for this week's party.. Link up and HAVE FUN! 



  1. I also spent this whole week wondering what day it was! It was great to have had a long weekend, but I think it really threw me off!

  2. Thanks Pam for your 297th Dare to Share always appreciated.


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