Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pumpkin Idea Roundup (No Carve)

While I am busy this week working behind the scenes on my BIG BIRTHDAY Party, I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favorite no carve pumpkin ideas I have designed over the years.  While I used craft pumpkins to make mine, these ideas can be adapted to real pumpkins as well.   

Olaf was one of the last additions to the Pumpkin Gang, but one of my favorites. You can see how to make him here.

To make Bat and Spider Pumpkin all you need is some black paint and a few craft supplies 

Pumpkins can be cute like these Scarecrow and Crow Pumpkins

Add and extra eyeball or two and you have a not so scary Monster Pumpkin

A colorful boa makes the perfect head of hair for a Witch Pumpkin

It is easy to make a Mummy Pumpkin with dollar store gauze 

Vampire Pumpkin was the first member of the Pumpkin Gang 

Some paint, google eyes, and pushpins make a friendly Frankenpumpkin

Using some felt and feathers, you can make an Owl Pumpkin you can use past Halloween. 

Turn an uncarved pumpkin into a Thanksgiving Turkey Pumpkin

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