Thursday, June 16, 2016

End of the School Year Tradition

Do you have an end of the school year tradition?  We do.  We started it many years ago when my oldest was in first grade, my son was in preschool, and my youngest was just shy of 3.   On the last day of school we go to our local Dairy Queen for ice cream and then walk around the local pond nearby.  They loved it so much that first year, a yearly tradition was born.  

This year was a bit bittersweet. My oldest no longer lives at home, so she did not participate in the tradition this year.  My son is no longer a sweet faced preschooler, he is now about to be a Senior. This will be his  LAST year of school. How did that happen?1   That little cherub baby has also grown up, she is about to be a Sophomore. She also now dresses in black and makes faces in almost every single picture. 

I don't have all of our last day of school photos on my computer. Some are on USBs, some are on CDs. There also  might be some years where I did not remember to bring my camera for a pic. Do you remember when we would have to bring our cameras instead of taking out our phones?  I think my youngest was in first grade or second grade in this picture.  

This picture was taken right after they got off the bus on the last day, and before we went to go get our ice cream.  I think my oldest was finishing 4th grade, which means it was the last day of kindergarten and 2nd for the other two. 

Some years we had bad weather.  I remember on this day it was raining and cold outside. We went and got ice cream anyway, we just did not walk around the pond.

This was the last year I have a last day picture of all three of them.  They were in 7th, 9th and 11th.   My girls pretty much look the same, but my son has sure changed!  At least he promises to shave his facial hair and get a hair cut before his Senior pictures. 

Last year, my son did not come with us.  I don't remember why.  Sometimes he is funny about eating ice cream, while the girls take after their mom and love it ANYTIME.   This was technically not6 the last day of school for my oldest.. She has graduated a week before the other two got out of school.  Of course she wanted to go get ice cream anyway, she loved the tradition.  

What types of traditions do you have? .  Now that my kids are almost finished with school, I know that we will only be doing this a few more years.  Knowing that makes each that more special..   

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