Friday, April 22, 2016

Jungle Party Ideas

This post contains affiliate links to items used we used for this party. 

While I have not yet had the chance to see The Jungle Book, I hope to very soon.  Several years ago my son had a Safari themed party for his birthday.  Many of the ideas and games we had at our party could possibly be used for a Jungle theme.    I think we still have this jumbo inflatable monkey somewhere in storage.  We used him at several different parties. He has made an appearance at the Safari party, Zoo party and Luau.  The kids had a blast taking photos with him.  

We decorated the house with vines made out of brown paper and craft foam.  We also used some vine garland.

Between the three kids, and even my old stuff animal collection, we had a lot of jungle/safari stuffed animals.  I found this giant stuffed tiger that looks a bit like Shere Khan,and this giant stuffed snake that looks like Kaa,  that would be a cool addition to a  Jungle Book party. 

A party staple at our kids parties was a Pin the Tail game. At our Safari party and our zoo party we used this lion made out of poster board.  

Because we had beautiful weather we were able to make an animal themed obstacle course outside. I don't remember all of the different parts, but in this picture my son is bringing a baby elephant and circus peanut to it's mama at the end of the course.  To make a course for Jungle Book it could overcoming the obstacles to get Mowgli to the man village. (once I see the movie, I will have some more ideas) 

My son loved this birthday cake that year.  I used a long loaf pan to make the banana cake, and used yellow fondant to make the banana peel. 

This was a party we will always look upon fondly.  You can see the full party detail for our Safari Party here.

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