Friday, October 30, 2015

It's a Happy, Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday.  I was working on this post before bed. I had it about 75% done when I some how did something and the entire post disappeared.  It was too late to do the entire thing over again then, so I am trying again today.  

I normally do not get to do a lot of things for myself.  I am one of those moms that seems to always be taking care of something or someone.  A good friend of mine said for my birthday we were going to do things that were all about me for a change. She is like my older sister, and is always looking out for me.   Our day started off  early. The plan was to meet at IHOP after bringing our kids to school.  Originally my friend said she would get there a little after 8. I thought I would have enough time to go back home and get ready after dropping off the kids.  While I was getting ready she sent me a text at 7:45 saying that she was already there.. Ooops! I quickly finished getting ready, and was on my way.  Once there I had a birthday coupon for a free breakfast.  I found out I could have any breakfast on the menu, and they would take the $6.49 off the check.  I chose the egg and bacon combo with strawberry crepe. It was really good! 

I really, really needed a haircut.. Our next stop was Fantastic Sams. I had been sent a birthday coupon for 25% off any service.  I love how good my hair looks after having someone else do it for me.   We took a few selfies before we left salon. It was hard to get a good shot, because we were laughing so hard.

We had some time before our next appointment, so we stopped at Target. Both of us need a few things, and we knew we could easily spend an hour looking around the store. We also go another treat while there..  I chose a Strawberry Frappe, she got a Pumpkin Spice Latte..

I did pick up an unexpected item at Target. In the Dollar Spot section, I found this unicorn headband.  It is a running joke in my family that I am unicorns and rainbows, and  the rest of them are doom and gloom. (my teens and their dad)  I just had to bu it, and then I wore it the rest of the day. I even picked up the kids from school wearing it.  My son asked me "Why are you wearing that thing mom?" . I answered.. "Because I can."   I am sure he thought it was weird, but he should be used to it by now.  ;) 

Next up was the nail salon for mani-pedis.  I have only had one other manicure ever and have never had a pedicure, so this was a new experience.  I had my pedicure first, while my friend got her manicure.  It felt so good to soak my feed in the warm water.  

While I was relaxing, I was given a plate of meats, cheeses and fruit. This was a great snack since it was now about lunch time. 

Admiring my freshly painted toes. I still need to get used to the toe spacers. 

Because it was my birthday, they gave me a delicious white chocolate and berry muffin. I do have to laugh when I look at this picture though, because it reminds me of what happened right after. Do you see that light in the picture?  When I stood up, I accidentally ran into the light almost knocking it over, and  then  I almost dropped my lit muffin on the floor.. I swear I can be such a klutz sometimes. LOL!  The keyword here is ALMOST.   I was able to catch the light. and keep a hold of my muffin.    

It was then time for my manicure. I picked a really pretty purple shade.  Diane from AvaShay did a fabulous job. My nails look nicer than they have in a very long time. I am still getting used to having them polished.   If you are in the Livingston County area of Michigan, I really recommend you stop by AvaShay. They were so nice there, and really did make my birthday feel extra special.  

After are mani-pedis it was almost time to pick up the kids from school.  My all about me day was over, and it was back to reality. 

It was  one of the best birthdays that I remember having.  

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