Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nutella Smores Popcorn - Feature of the Day

Just a really quick update as to why the week got away from me again! Our last official day at the house was Tuesday.  I also had two high school registrations and a dance open house this week.. It seems the closer we get to school the faster the days go, that is why it is Thursday I am just not getting to my first post of the week.   

I have been craving S'Mores this week!  A few days ago we bought a bag of S'Mores trail mix at Aldi. It was good, but it got Kara and I thinking about how we can make our own with different ingredients. Then on Dare to Share this week, I saw that Carrie from the Frugal Foodie Mama posted this recipe for her Nutella S'Mores popcorn. YUM!!  The mix of popcorn, chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers looks crazy good. I think it would also be a great treat for parties.  I know I have some popcorn in the pantry, I may need to try this one ASAP.  Be sure to stop over to Frugal Foodie Mama to get the recipe.

Thank you so much Carrie for linking up your special popcorn to this week's Dare to Share. 

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