Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes - Features of the Day

In honor of my son's birthday today, I am featuring one of his favorite desserts.. Cupcakes! I will be featuring the wonderful cupcakes from this week's Dare to Share Party, but also some of my kid's  favorite cupcakes we have had at past parties. 

Chocolate Banana Cupcake, Paddington Cupcake, Inside Out Cupcake, Churro Cupcake

Chunky Monkey Cupcakes (upper left) by Kelly of Virtually Yours ( are Chocolate Banana Pudding Cupcakes  that your family will love.  I know my son loves bananas and would be thrilled to have these for a birthday treat. 

Paddington Bear Cupcakes (upper right) by Courtney of Optimistic Mommy would be adorable at a Paddington themed party or movie night.  

Disney Pixar Inside Out Cupcakes (lower left)  also by Kelly of Virtually Yours are a fun and colorful treat for the upcoming movie Inside Out. They would be fun to serve after seeing the movie, or at several types of colorful parties. 

Churro Cupcakes (lower right) by Mariah of Formula Mom are full of  sweet cinnamon goodness that would be perfect for your upcoming Cinco De Mayo celebrations. 

Thank you so much Kelly, Courtney, and Mariah for sharing your cupcake making talents to this week's Dare to Share!

Even More Cupcakes to Enjoy 

Several years ago I started serving cupcakes at our at my children's parties.  I found that they were easier to make, and faster to serve when you have several impatient children who want cake.  Here are some of our favorite cupcakes we have had at our parties in the past. 

Flower Cupcakes made with gum drops

I once made these Flower Cupcakes for a friend who shares her birthday with my son (Happy Birthday R!)  Flowers were a great theme for late April and upcoming Mother's Day holiday.  

rainbow cupcakes

These Cloud Cuckooland Cupcakes were made for a Lego themed party.  They would also be good for a rainbow or St. Patricks Day party.  

Kitten cupcakes for a cat themed party

 My daughter loved her Kitten Cupcakes at her cat themed party.  

Lion Cupcakes, Elephant Cupcakes, Monkey Cupcakes

At her Zoo Animal Party we had cupcakes that looked like Elephant, Lions, and Monkeys. 

Cupcakes with edible butterflies

At one of our most recent parties,  Kara's Butterfly Party, we used edible butterflies that looked like the real thing.  

Do you prefer cake or cupcakes at your parties?  

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