Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Coloring Techniques for Unique Easter Eggs

It is  Easter egg coloring time, and I thought I would share with you some of the fun techniques we have used to decorate our eggs over the years. We have not colored this year's eggs, but I am sure we will try some of these technique again this year.  

Use tape on egg for a marble effect

My daughter made this egg.  She randomly placed pieces of scotch tape on the egg, and then dipped it into some blue color.  The tape looked quite messy at first, but when the egg was dry, she removed the tape.   The design was actually very pretty, and was similar to a marble effect.  

Layer color on egg to make ombre look

This egg was quite interesting.  I am sharing two photos, because it is hard to see the full effect from one angle.  My daughter came up with this design as well. She held an egg halfway in the color cup for a few seconds.  She would then turn the egg, and repeat over and over. The color layered onto the egg, making this usual effect.  If you don't want dye on your hands, use gloves when trying this technique.

Use rubber bands to make lengthwise stripes on egg

The skinny stripes on this egg were made with skinny rubber bands. It kind of reminds me of a pink watermelon. 

Rubber bands wrapped around center of egg make wide stripes

Wrapping a rubber band around the center of an egg before dying it, makes this effect.  

Make circles on Easter Egg with circle stickers

Have you ever seen those paper reinforcement circle stickers?  Placing them on the egg in a design, can give you a bold look.  The circles really pop with the bright orange color of this egg. 

using multiple stickers make lacy effect

This egg is one of my favorites.  We used the circle stickers again, but this time placed them very close together. The egg was then dyed blue and when the stickers were removed, it had a pretty lacy look. 

make a polka dot egg with stickers

The centers of the circle stickers were used on this egg.  The polka dots were bright white, but my daughter decided to dip it again in another color making the polka dots pink. 

There are so many fun things you can do when coloring your Easter eggs.  What is your favorite coloring tip?  


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