Friday, May 1, 2015

Cinderella Party Bags

Party bag with Cinderella Gown

I LOVED the movie Cinderella.  I had been planning on working on a Cinderella party for the blog ever since we saw it opening weekend.  I am finally able to work on it now that my daughter is starting to feel better, and our schedule is getting a little lighter.  One of the first projects I wanted to share our my Cinderella Party Bags. 

making a Cinderella party bag

I started to this project with a gift bag from the dollar store and a piece of scrapbook paper as close to Cinderella's gown as I could find.  I cut out a basic dress shape from the cardstock. 

Choosing the tulle for the Cinderella gown

I knew I wanted to add some tulle to the gown, so I went through what I had on hand to find which color matched the best. I ended up going with the long piece wrapped in white paper  on the left.  It has a little bit of shimmer to it, and matched the paper perfectly. 

Making the skirt of the Cinderella gown

I wanted to add several layers of tulle but not make it too bulky and hard to work with.  I ended up using four layers and secured it on the back side of the gown with tape. 

The bodice of the Cinderella gown

It was a little harder to add the tulle to the top of the bodice. I applied several layers and secured it with a scrapbooking tape runner.   In the movie there were several butterflies on this part of the dress.  I would love to add some, but I have not found any that small yet.  I did add a small stick on jewel  to give the dress some bling.  

Cinderella party bag with gown

I felt the bag needed something else.  I asked my daughter, and of course she said, add more jewels.  A princess like Cinderella has to have jewels.  I also had some matching tissue paper on hand that is perfect for gift giving.   

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