Friday, April 17, 2015

Quick and Easy Hamburger Helper Meal and FREE Ground Beef Rebate

This post is sponsored by Hamburger Helper but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Free ground beef, four cheese lasagna , Hamburger Helper

Having three teenagers with busy schedules, it can sometimes be difficult to sit down to a family dinner.  It can also be expensive to feed three teenagers who have very different tastes.   Recently after dance class we stopped at the store to pick up some groceries. Hamburger Helper is a dinner they all agree on, and it is easy to make on those busy days.  

We were happy to see that Hamburger Helper was on sale the day we were there and picked three flavors that all enjoy,  Sweet and Sour Chicken,  Four Cheese Lasagna, and Crunchy Taco. I also picked up a package of ground beef which was also on sale.  

Free Hamburger Rebate

What was even more exciting than seeing Hamburger Helper and hamburger on sale was when you bought three boxes and hamburger there was a rebate for a FREE lb of ground beef.    Not only were we going to have an easy to make  meal that all of use would enjoy, but it was going to super affordable as well.  Awesome! 

Hamburger Helper Four Cheese Lasagna Meal

The kids decided on Four Cheese Lasagna on this night.  I browned the hamburger in the skillet.  All I had to do then was add the sauce mix and pasta  with 1 1/4 cup water and 1 3/4 cup milk.  I loved that I could do everything in the same skillet, it really cut down on the messy dishes. 

A few minutes later it was ready and we had a cheesy, meaty meal that disappeared quickly. All three of the kids said they would like to eat this meal again.  When all three agree, I know it is a big hit.

How to get your  FREE Ground Beef Rebate

1. Visit your local grocer, and purchase three Hamburger Helper products and Ground Beef. 
2. Visit the campaign landing page.  You will see the digital rebate: “Free Ground Beef, when you buy 3 boxes of Helper.” Please note that you may also buy Chicken Helper or Tuna Helper.
3. Click on the rebate. 
4. Print and mail in the rebate form.


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