Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Blogging Tips - Features of the Day

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Today while looking at the Dare to Share party, I noticed there were several links that had blogging tips for bloggers.  There is so much to learn as a blogger, especially if you are a new, so I thought that these posts by seasoned bloggers would make a great Feature of the Day.  

Melissa from Serendipity and Spice has been blogging for quite a while, and has a successful blog.. She has a series of posts on How to Build a Better Blog.  In this post she shared How to Make a Full Time Income Blogging that has a lot of of information that any blogger can use 

Lisa of My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings  shared 10 Ways to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out.  As you go to conferences, or want to share the word about your blog, you will want really great business cards. 

Cori  of Hey, Let's Make Stuff  shared how to Manage Your Blog with Google Calendar. She gives some great tips on how to organize and color code all of your important information. If you are on your smart phone a lot, you will want to check out this post. 

Taylor of Pink Heels Pink Truck has also been blogging for quite awhile. The post she shared is Running Your Blogging Business. She runs a full time blog  while also having another full time job.  This post is part of her Bloggingedumaction series, which also has a lot of great blogging information any blogger can use. 

Thank you so much Melissa, Lisa, Cori and Taylor for linking up your blogging knowledge to this week's Dare to Share.

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