Friday, November 28, 2014

Butterfinger Brownies

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Over the next few weeks while we are busy getting ready for the upcoming craft show and holidays, Kara is going to help me with a few guest projects.  I told her she cold even write the posts if she would like, but she is not sure she is up for it yet.  This week she shared one of the recipes she made for us to enjoy.... Butterfinger Brownies 

She made a tray of brownies (use your favorite reicpe or box mix). She also smashed 6-8 mini Butterfingers we had leftover from Halloween.  For the filling she chose white frosting. 

She cut the brownies into squares and frosted half of them.  She then sprinkled the smashed Butterfingers onto the frosting.  They would be great just like this, but she decided to do just a little bit more. 

She layered a second brownie on top, and sprinkled that one with Butterfinger candy as well for double the brownie goodness. 

She served them yesterday to our Thanksgiving guests, and everyone thought they were really good.  I think we have a couple left in the fridge.  I think I am going to have to go get another one after writing this post.   

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