Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Butterfly Pretzels

How to make Butterfly Pretzels

I have been wanting to share my butterfly pretzels for a few days now.  We are starting to be very busy with the back to school rush (appts, registration days, picking up supplies etc..), and the last two days we have had torrential  rain.  I live in metro Detroit, and you might have seen the horrible flooding on the news.  While I personally was not affected, it was so dark and dreary outside. that I had no natural light.  I have a light box, but I was concerned the heat from the light box would melt the chocolate.  Do any other bloggers out there postpone projects for rain too?   

Pretzel Butterfly Wings

Mini size pretzels are the perfect size for butterflies.  I lined a cookies sheet with a piece of wax paper, and then placed laid out the pretzels in pairs. 

Preparing the Candy Melts

You can use any color candy melts that you would like for your butterflies.  I used purple, yellow, pink, blue and white.  I placed the candy melts in plastic bags, and microwaved them 10 seconds at a time.  At each interval, I kneaded the candy. It took less than a minute to melt all the candy, and it was not too hot to work with. 

Before adding anything to the pretzels, I lined up several kinds of sprinkles for decorating. 

Chocolate Butterfly Wings

I made a small snip on one corner of each of the baggies and got creative.  I added sprinkles right away to each of the pretzels,  because the candy melts set fast.  If the candy in the bag starts to set, place them back in the microwave for a very short time.  

When it was time to add the butterfly bodies, I melted some chocolate chips in a baggie.  I chose to use chocolate chips, my kids like the taste better.  Any kind of chocolate will work.   

How to make butterfly pretzels

I snipped a corner of the bag of chocolate, and added the butterfly bodies.  Make sure to add enough chocolate to both pretzels. I got my wings to bend up a bit by using flattened mini marshmallows to hold them up while the bodies set. While it looks really cool, the butterflies with the folded wings are a little more fragile than the flat ones.  

Butterfly Pretzel Snack Treats

If the wings come apart before you are ready to eat them,  just add a little more chocolate and reset.   This would be a fun treat to make with kids, and see what creations they make. 


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