Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Fun Challenge 2014

For the last couple of summers, we have consciously tried to get the most out of our summer. My kids are getting older, and they do not have many more summers of  their "childhood" left. This year is the last one for my oldest.  In exactly one year she will be graduating from high school, and will start preparing for the real world.  I want to make sure we make happy memories for her, instead of allowing time to just slip away.  

School is ending for us in just a couple of days, so we are putting together this year's list. It also helps to look at pictures from past challenges to remind us of the fun things we did.   

We have made it a tradition to celebrate the end of the school year by going to Dairy Queen on the last day of school.  Last year it was a chilly day in June, which is why this photo is in the car. You can see several other flashback last day photos, by checking out my Our End of the School Year Tradition Post

I ask each child what they would like to do this year, so we make sure we add it to the list.  Here is our list so far.  

pick strawberries 
free bowling 
go to the beach 
make ice cream 

go to the water slide 
go to a baseball game 
ride a paddle boat 
make summer T-shirts 

go to outdoor movies 
have fun at the lake
have a bonfire
see a parade 
see some fireworks 

go to the zoo 
go to Cedar Point 
walk on boardwalk with ice cream 
make a butterfly garden 
go to Colonial Days 

go to the fair 
visit Lake Michigan 
go to a reunion 
go to the farmer's market 

have sleepovers 
have a special Birthday party 
go to festivals

road trip to Ikea
go to the Metropark 
have a picnic
make smores 

see lots of movies 
go on a boat ride 
learn how to drive (two are in driver's ed) 

and hopefully many more! 

You may notice that Kara is the only one in the pictures.  There were days when only she would participate, and days when we were all there but the older two did not allow me to take pictures. Hopefully that will change this summer. 

Summer is not going to be all play though..  we are going to be doing some work too.  I will be sharing more in another post that will hopefully go up this week.  

What fun things to you try to do in the summer?    


  1. I am so looking forward to when I have kids old enough to do all these fun activities with!

  2. That's a great list. You have a wonderful summer ahead of you. Best of luck achieving all of your goals. Visiting from the Bloggers on Blogspot FB group. :-)


  3. Wonderful list and sounds like a plan for a great summer.

  4. I love the idea of letting your kids choose items for the list. You can really tell what is meaningful to them that way!

  5. Looks like a great summer bucket list! Thanks for reminding me to do this. Stopping by from SITS!

  6. I think it's a great idea to plan ahead what kinds of fun things you want to do before you wake up and notice that the summer is suddenly over!


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