Monday, February 17, 2014

The LEGO Movie Party Ideas

Have you had the chance to see the new LEGO movie yet? We saw it opening weekend and LOVED it.  There was a lot of storyline for both kids and adults, with many laugh out loud moments. 

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All week I will be sharing ideas for a Lego Movie themed party.  This weekend while doing some research, I came across many fun LEGO party supplies on Amazon. To be honest, I never even thought to check Amazon for party supplies before. While you know that I am all about having a party on a budget, the items I will be sharing are all very affordable, and not something you will be able to find easily in stores.   

You can buy the mini figure mold, and brick mold for under $7.  These would be great to make your own LEGO themed treats. 

Life Of Party Molds K162 Building Blocks Chocolate Candy Mold Wow, this mold is only a little over $1! 

What I like about this mold is that you can make different size LEGO figures 

If you like to make pops, you might like this LEGO mold Dress My Cupcake DMCK165 Chocolate Candy Mold, Lego Building Blocks Lollipop

Did you know that they make LEGO shaped candy?  There are several kinds and sizes available like this deal.. 5 lbs for under $15 

This set is selling out fast.  I can find very little Lego Movie merchandise locally so I can understand why.  This set of minifigures  is under $10. LEGO Minifigures The LEGO Movie Series 71004 Interlocking Set (Styles May Vary)  UPDATE: I have since found out that this is not the set, but individual blind bags.. I have found the very same bags tonight at Target for only $2.99 each.  You can find specific mini figures on Amazon for various prices if you are looking for one in particular. 

My favorite land is Cloud Cuckooland. I love all of the fun colors and shapes. Do you have a favorite Lego land?    

NEW! (4/19/19)  I have added this update since there have been more movies added to the franchise since I wrote this original post.  Here are some more LEGO party ideas ideas you may want to use for your party. 

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