Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's Time for Crafting Turkeys

This time of year, there is a turkey everywhere you look.  Not only do we love eating them, we also love crafting them.  Here are some of my favorite turkey crafts that I have share the last couple of years.  

 I filled my turkey treat boxes with candy corn, and pumpkin candy. These are fun for a classroom party, or at the kids table at Thanksgiving.  

My Turkey Pumpkin is one member of the pumpkin gang who doesn't come out until Halloween is over.  I used one of the dollar store pumpkins to make this fun centerpiece. 

The Turkey Treat Cups are fun for the Thanksgiving table, filled with favorite treats of the season.  

One tradition we have had the last several years it so make Thankfulness Turkeys with all that we are thankful for that year. 

Another fun craft are the Turkey Place Cards that were placed on the Thanksgiving table. It is a colorful way for your family and guests to find their seat.  

If you enjoy these turkey crafts. I have a few more fun Turkey ideas in mind that I am excited about, that I will be sharing in the upcoming weeks.. 

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