Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We are Party Prepping!

We made a giant mess!

I know I have been kind of quiet the last few days on the blog.  Even though I have not been posting much, I have been busy behind the scenes. Our Art themed party is in a few days.  I thought I would get give you a glimpse of a few things we have been working on.    A few days ago we started a 
project that I hope will be done in time.  We made a very colorful mess in the kitchen..  We are still not 100% sure this project will work out, but it is looking good so far. 

We went to the grand opening our of Michaels store when it moved to a new location last weekend. It is now so much bigger and brighter.  I found a few of these beauties on clearance.  They will have a special use at the party.  

I hope to make something really cool with these dollar store items, if I don't run out of time.  

I also plan on doing something really cool with this.  I would have already started it, but it has been way too hot outside to work on it.  

I will be doing something with the gallon of Oops paint from Home Depot.  Any guesses to what it could be? 

We sorted out a lot of the supplies I have been accumulating the last few months.  There are just a few things I still need to pick up this week.   

In addition to preparing for the party, and getting ready for grandma's visit, we have also been interviewing Orthodontists.  Someone really needs braces, and now is the perfect time to get them.  We are still thinking things over, but hopefully we  will start the process soon.   

Now I must get back to work.  

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