Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a Face!

I had planned on writing a nice post about Kara and her friends learning how to crochet at  their Girl Scout meeting.   Once I downloaded the pictures, I saw that was not going to work.  

Why is it that when kids hit a certain age, they think it is funny to make faces when you take their picture?  Kara is at that age, and likes to make faces.. sigh...... 

I tried again.  At the last second, she made another face.  

I thought maybe when she was not looking, I could get a nice picture on the 3rd try. Nope, she caught me and made another face.   

Finally! Success! This is the only picture that I was able to take where she allowed me to take the picture without a funny face in it.  She was really enjoying crocheting, even though the pictures look otherwise. I really hope this funny face phase is short lived or taking future photos is going to be very interesting.    

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