Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Practical Tips I Must Try

I have kind of been going through a creative slump this week.  If you craft, you know what I mean.  Some weeks you have so many ideas, you can not get to them all, and then there weeks when nothing seems to come to you. I am sure this will be short lived, but for now I thought I would share some  Pinterest Practical Tips that I really want to try.  

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I currently have 90 pins on my great tips board, and it is constantly growing. There are just so many great ideas out in blogland that I want to try.   If you want to pin any of these tips, be sure to pin from the ORIGINAL SOURCE,  so they get proper credit. 

Regrowing Scallions/ Homemade Serenity

One of my daughter's loves scallions, regrowing them sounds like a really good idea.  I will be trying this today if we have an left in the fridge.   

Toilet Cleaning / The Krazy Coupon Lady

This is another tip I would love to try. Not only do dryer sheets  work well to clean toilets, but have many other uses as well. I have extra dryer sheets just sitting around since I started using my Woolzie Dryer Balls. 

Bobby Pin Storage / Simply Frugal

I NEED to try this tip.  Kara has been taking dance for 10 years and we have lost  hundreds of bobby pins.  Recital time is coming up soon, so we are going to be needing some more.

Cake Tip / Baked Bree

This tip is GENIUS, especially if you bake a lot of cakes. Stop by  Baked Bree, and see why there is bread laying on the cake. 

Crock Pot Hot Dogs / A Year of Slow Cooking

Got a big get together coming up like a graduation party or birthday?  This is another one of those tips that makes you think.. wow, you can really do that?! 

Make Liquid Soap / Savvy Housekeeping

We are always running out of hand soap in this house.  I never would have thought you can make your own.  This is another  one on MUST TRY tip list. 

What great practical tips have you found that are on your must try list?  I would love to hear them.    


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