Saturday, April 13, 2013

Do You Have Dorky Glasses?

The following is a sponsored post. While it is sponsored, all of the opinions in this post are 100% mine.  

Just recently I was driving in the car with my teenage daughter when our conversation turned to eyeglasses. She told me that in all the old pictures she had seen of me and her dad, we were wearing "dorky glasses." She made sure to tell me that it wasn't the fact that we were wearing glasses, just that the styles were wore were dorky.  I had to agree that in some of the pictures we did look dorky, but in our defense she was also talking about photos from 20+ years ago. 

I thought it might be time to find some new frames that pass the teenage dork test.  One way I could do that is by using the Virtual Mirror feature  on the GlassesUSA website.


I found a few pairs of glasses that passed the teenage test.  I love that I was able to try them on using the mirror feature.  It is so much fun to use and experiment with, because there are so many frames to chose from.

I think I found the winner for when I am ready to buy glasses.  It is the kitty frame, and they are  only $48! 

Not only does have great prices, they have offer deals and specials all the time on their sales and coupons page.  They are also giving my readers a 10% discount by using the code Blog10, if they decide to  buy eye glasses. So if you are currently thinking of trying new glasses, why not give a try. 

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