Sunday, April 28, 2013

Adventures in Sushi Eating

Kyle's birthday is here again.  I can't believe he is 14, and almost ready to start high school.   Today I asked him if we would like to have a special dinner with me to celebrate his birthday.  He chose to go to my favorite sushi restaurant, and try some sushi. 

It is actually kind of interesting he chose to eat sushi. With his Aspergers, he doesn't always want to try something new.  Here he  is trying to figure out how to pull apart the chopsticks. He wasn't sure if could hold them  the right way when the food came, so he practiced for several minutes. 

He did refuse to eat the salad, because he didn't want to try the ginger dressing.   

Here he is checking out the Miso soup.

He ended up loving it, and ate every single drop.

When our sushi came, it was in the shape of a butterfly.  You never know until it arrives how it is going to be presented. 

I was hoping he would want to try the sushi rolls I love, but he didn't want to.   We ended on compromising.  He chose a Livingston roll (I had never tried before) and I chose the Snowman Roll. (my favorite)  We compromised, and also got a California roll.

Turns out he didn't need to worry about eating with chopsticks.

He figured it out quickly.

When dinner was over we were given a great surprise.  He got a free bowl of ice cream for his birthday, and I was told our bill was already taken care of..  Seems the nice couple who were sitting next to us knew it was his birthday, and secretly told the manager that wanted to pay our bill without us knowing.  They had already left before we were told, so we had no way to thank them.  So if by chance they see this..  THANK YOU very much for the sweet act of kindness, and wonderful gift!!

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  1. How nice of the couple to pay for your dinner. Love it.

    I too am a sushi fan...


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