Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Start Your Spring Seedlings

Today is the first day of spring. You can not tell that by our weather outside. Where I live it is only going to be a high of 28, with the overnight lows in the teens.  Brrr.. Not a fun way to start off spring..(a year ago we were way above normal and in the 80's, can I have those temps back!) 

Since it is the first day of Spring, I am going to re-share an idea I posted about last year.  Even though your mind might not yet be on your spring/summer garden, you can start your garden seedlings now, even when the weather is not cooperating.  

Buying seeds and growing your own seedlings can be very inexpensive. It is also a fun experiment to do with your kids. 

Recycled milk jugs make the perfect container to start your seeds. 

Start by cutting the jugs about 2/3 of the way down,  leaving a  part the jug of it connected

Add some potting soil  a few inches thick to the container,  and then add your seeds. 

After you add your seeds, you will want to reattach your jug halves.  You can use things like duct tape, or a hole punch and twist tie like we did in the picture above. 

Use a Sharpie and write on each of the jugs what you planted.  Find a nice, sunny spot to place the jugs. We put ours on our deck that faces the south.  Its okay to keep the jug out there even when it is cold outside. The milk jug works like a terrarium and keeps the plants warm inside. 

Several weeks later, this is how our seedlings looked.  Our peas and beans grew the most.  Our seedling experiment was a big success, and we plan on doing it again this year. 
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  1. That's a great idea to start seeds. It's nice and warm were I live but that has it's disadvantages as well. Like having to grow eggplant in the winter time because it's too hot in the summer.

    Happy SPRING!

  2. I wish we had warmer weather all the time. I am so not a cold weather girl.


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