Friday, June 1, 2012

Dare to Share #10

I want to apologize for being a slacker about posting features last week.  I really am not slacking off, it is just my schedule away from the computer has been on warp speed lately.   We are in the final  countdown for school, and almost single digits for oldest daughters online program.  YEA!     Kara has had several physical therapy appointments and is walking on her foot again.   She will have two more session and then one more Orthopedist appoint in the next 10 days. Next week we will have our last girl scout meeting and last choir concert on the same day.      My subdivision is having a sub sale during the last two days of school  that I am attempting to join, but just have not had to time to do much for it yet.  I am sooo  looking forward to the days of sleeping in, no schedules and plenty of time to craft.  

Because I did not highlight features last weekend,  I plan on doing double the features this week..

I don't have a lot of rules for Dare to Share.  

You can post anything that you would like to share.. It could be something like a recipe you really enjoy, a craft project or practical tip.

You can link up as many posts as you would like..

I would like you to become a follower of my blog, and post my button somewhere on your blog so more people will come join the party.

Enjoy the party and HAVE FUN! I cant wait to see all of your link ups!


  1. Thanks for hosting.
    Rose @ {A Rosie Sweet Home}

  2. Thank you for hosting, enjoy the weekend!

  3. lat again:)

    thanks for hosting



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