Thursday, March 2, 2023

Make a Truffula Tree for Dr. Seuss Day or Party

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I was teaching in an upper elementary school for several years.  At our school we always celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday and Read Across America Day on March 2nd, and then reading month for the rest of March.  

One year our school library was decorated with Truffula Trees for reading month. I was so excited.  While I like many of Dr. Seuss's books, The Lorax is my favorite. When I was younger, I wished that they were real.  They were so pretty, colorful, and fun, and I wanted a real one. Truffula Trees are actually a lot easier to make than you might realize, so it is now possible to have one.

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The trunks of the Truffula Trees are long, and thin. There are several ways you can make them depending on how and where you are placing them.  The trunks of these trees were cardboard tubes painted white with black stripes. They stood up straight, on their own, so they were attached to a base to hold them in place.   You could use various sizes of wrapping paper tubes to get the variation in the tree sizes. 

Another popular item you could use for the trunk is a pool noodle.  Dollar Tree now sells pool noodles year round for crafting purposes.  Instead of painting the stripes you could wrap black or color duct tape around the noodle.  While pool noodles would not stand on their own you can make them sturdier, by inserting a Dollar Tree broom handle through the tube. The handles are sold without the broom attached, and you can see what they look like here.  If you would like the trees to be a little bendy, leave the stick out and you can place them in a corner, or attach them to a wall. 

There are also a few ways you can make the tops of the Truffula trees. The sturdiest way to make a top is to use a lightweight children's ball, and then cover it with feathered boas like what is pictured here. I have seen boas at the craft store, and occasionally small ones at the Dollar Tree.  A balloon is also a possible choice to use as a topper, instead of a ball. It might not be as sturdy as a ball, but it could be easily  topped with feathers or tissue paper. 

A final touch you can do to make your display look like a scene right out of the book, is to use Dollar Tree plastic tablecloths. If you wrap them around the bottom of the tree it gives them a more whimsical look. This is good for a few reasons, not only does it look nice,  but you can also hide anything you may use to weigh the trees down.

Now that you know how to make the Truffula Trees, you can use them as decor for a party. 

I found some more party supplies that you could use to have a Dr. Seuss or Lorax party.  I am really liking this party bundle. It has a cake topper, 24 cake toppers, balloons, and a large backdrop, and is under $20.

I am also loving this 5ft x 3ft Lorax backdrop.

This Dr Seuss direction sign from Oriental Trading would be great for greeting your party guests, or as a display in a reading area in a classroom or library.  

One thing that I always liked to do at my children's parties was to give or make the guests something to wear. It could have been  dog ears for our Blues Clues and Scooby Parties, cowboy hats at our horse/western party, or hula skirts at our childrens' luau. These Dr Seuss Character Masks look like a fun and affordable option for a wearable party item.  

How cool are these truffula tree pens?!  They would make a great goody bag item.  If I had one of these pens, it would definitely be one of my favorite pens to use. 

Happy Reading Month! 


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