Tuesday, March 28, 2023

How to make a large Dollar Tree Cupcake


I recently started a new job at a preschool.  This week we are having a Candyland themed party for the kids.   As you know I am all about planning childrens' parties, so I was asked to help with the decorations.

One thing I have been thinking about making for some time is large cupcake decor.  

I am happy that my idea actually turned out well, and all you need is a few Dollar Tree items.  


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 All you need to make your giant cupcake, is a plastic tablecloth, crepe paper, striped party bags, a red ball, poster board and a Dollar Tree laundry basket. 

The first step is to  weave crepe paper through the basket.  I makes the basket look like a cupcake liner. 

The next step is the make the base of the cupcake.   I traced the top of the laundry basket on a poster board and then cut it out. 

Attach the cupcake base to the top of the basket with clear tape. 

The frosting is also pretty easy to create.  Open the plastic tablecloth most of the way, but sure to leave the centerfold still folded.   Wrap that fold around the top of your cupcake and secure it with tape.  

Once the fold is wrapped around and attached to the basket, fluff the tablecloth to look like a pile of frosting.  

You can usually find some red balls in the Dollar Tree toy aisle.  This ball is the perfect size for a cherry on top of the cupcake.  

I attached the ball to the fluffed up tablecloth with a little bit of shipping tape. 

While you can use any paper to make sprinkles, I like that these party bags make uniform strips in sprinkle colors.  

Well it seems I do not have a good picture where you can see the sprinkles, but it is there.  You can add as many or as few sprinkles as you would like. 

Dollar Tree also sells trifold boards that are often used for presentations, or science fairs. One side is white, the other side is covered with cardboard.  It was the perfect color to draw and cut out a gingerbread boy (Jib) from the Candyland game. 

I used the chocolate alphabet font from Creative Fabrica to make the Chocolate Swamp sign. I love using Creative Fabrica for all clip art and fonts for my party items and Etsy Shop. 

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