Tuesday, February 28, 2023

How to Throw a Pokémon Party (part 2)


In part one of how to throw a Pokémon party, I shared how we made our invitations, photo booth and mini pokeball pinatas.   

In today's post I am going to talk about the games, cake and goody bags.  

One of the first games we played was Pokémon Bingo. I found a website where you can make free custom Bingo cards for kids, and I am so happy that the site is still available now. It is called dltk-kids.com. There are all kinds of cool ideas for kids on this site, but the link will take you to the Bingo cards.  I made markers for the game out of red, yellow and blue squares of cardstock. After a few rounds of Bingo, we went out to the backyard for Pin the Tail on Pikachu. 

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  I drew a Pikachu on a piece of yellow poster board and gave everyone a tail.  Looking at this photo, I think that many Ben and Joey were peeking when we played.  LOL! 

Before the party, I did a little prep work. I had my son pick out his favorite 20 Pokémon, and then I put together a mini lesson to teach a little bit about each character.  There is a reason for the lesson.  We were going to play a game with those 20 characters called "Got to Find Them All" 

Some more prep work that I did before the party was to make Pokeballs out of plastic ball ornaments that have the two halves snap together. I painted one side white, the other side red, and added a black strip between the two colors.  Unfortunately I was so busy at the party,  I did not get a photo of a finished Pokeball. I made enough Pokeballs, so each of our guests would have three of them. 

I had figured out the fairest way for the kids to figure out which Pokémon they were going to look for.  We turned on some Pokémon music, and played Pass the Pokeball. When the music stopped, if you were holding the Pokeball, you got to keep it.   We did this until everyone had three Pokeballs. While we were doing other things, I had some helpers hide small printed pictures around our entire yard of all of the Pokémon we had learned about in our lesson. 

  At the start of the game they opened their Pokeballs to see which Pokémon they were looking for.  They had to find three matching pictures for each of their Pokémon, which was nine pictures total.  It took them quite awhile to find them all, but they loved it. I had a few extra Pokeballs, so some of the quickest trainers helped me find those too.  If you look closely, hanging from the swing set is a number 8 pinata.  I had the kids all sit in the grass while it was being hit. This helped keep kids safe from getting hit by the stick, and to make it as fair with the amount of candy they picked up when the pinata broke.

After the games were done, we went inside for Pokémon themed snacks and cake.  I do not remember what snacks we had, I would have to go through several boxes of photos and photo albums to find out.  

The cake was pretty easy to make. I made a giant circle cake. (I think it was a deep pizza pan)  I frosted it red and white and then used a tube of black gel to make the center line. 

I used these colorful party giftbags for their goody bags. I wrote Pokémon Master, and then their first name on the bags so they could tell them apart.  In the goody bag they put all of their pinata candy (I had extra for those who did not get as much), their pokeballs, and some Pokémon stickers.  They also got to keep their trucker hat.  

I love how many cool Pokémon party items are available now.  

I so would have bought these Pokémon themed gift boxes if they were available back then. 

This Pokeball party plate set is also really cool.  

One of the few Pokémon themed items that were available for our party were party plates similar to these.  I only bought one pack, and then had extra plates in solid colors. 

There are so many fun Pokémon party items on this Amazon page that it would take me hours to go through it all. Instead I am just going to link it here,

This was definitely one of my son's favorite party themes. 

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