Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Faux Hot Chocolate

You may have been following along with my Valentine faux food posts such as Faux Valentine's Day Cake and How to Make Easy Faux Ice Cream. Today I am adding another fun faux food idea that is not only cute but can be used throughout the winter season. 

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Today I am going to show you how to make  Faux Hot Chocolate. 

Dollar Tree sells these really nice 18 oz glass mugs in their store and on their website.  You can buy a quantity of four for only $5 on their website and have it shipped free to your local store.


I painted my mug to look like hot chocolate using this paint that I think I got from Michaels. Once it was dry, I touched up a few spots with another coat. It really looks like the color of hot chocolate. 

To make the whipped topping I used a tub of Dollar Tree lightweight spackle.

II add a small amount of water to the spackle so that it was a creamy texture.  Be careful not to use too much or it will become runny.  I found out the hard way.  Place your spackle in either a icing bag or a plastic bag. 


I cut an end off a  stryofoam ball and placed it on a foam plate.  The ball is the perfect size for the base of the whipped cream topping .  I almost forgot mention, before you start using the spackle trace around the top of the mug on the plate in pencil, so you know how big you should make your whipped cream. 

I added small glass brown beads to the spackle while is was still wet to look like chocolate sprinkles. I also cut a red and white straw to about two inches long and placed it in the spackle whipped cream. 

Once it was dry, I gently cut the circle line on the foam plate. the spackle begins to crack which it might if there was too much water in it like mine was, I touched it up with a slightly wet paint brush. 

My whipped cream topper is just slightly bigger than the mug so it sits on top. If you would like your to fit inside, you might want to fill the mug with crumpled paper or something similar to support the topper

The last thing I did was add a heart decal from a page of window clings to use as a Valentine's Day decoration. 

I hope to make more of these in the near future.


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