Saturday, February 25, 2023

It's Part Time! Let's Dare to Share!

It's Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share!

    First an update on what I shared last week about my son being a student at Michigan State and the aftermath of the horrible shooting. (You can read more about it in my post When the unthinkable happens ) I have to say even though I am a full fledged Buckeye, and only temporary Spartan on all days but game day, Michigan State, parents and community had a wonderful response.  Last Sunday kids came back to campus to go back to classes on Monday. The kids who were not ready to come back were able to attend online if they wanted to.  They also had a few other options for those who did not want to finish the semester.  Parents, and the surrounding communities were there to welcome the students back with open arms. There were people on campus with gifts like meals, and stuffed animals.  Therapy dogs were visiting campus for several days.  The university set up free counseling for any staff and student who wanted  it, and had a hotline that could be called any time they needed to talk.  Many of the professors adjusted the rest of the semester, so the week out of school did not affect their grades. I know there are a mix of kids who want to get back to school and feel normal again, and there are kids that are too scared to go back.  My son is in the first group. He was ready to go back.  Most of his classes were online this week, because they were also hit with a bad ice storm over the last few days which made travel and walking outside difficult. So while this horrible act was unthinkable, the last week and a half has been full of love and support on campus.  

    Just as things were looking up for my son, we were hit with some bad news yesterday about one of our dogs. On of our sweet girls started to have a bloody nose on Wed.  We tried to get her in to the vet that night, but there were booked up. We were able to get in the next day. (yesterday) When we saw the vet she was very concerned. She said she had a few ideas what it could be, but she had to do a blood test to find out. When she came back in she had two pieces a paper. They had done the test twice to confirm the results.   Our poor baby did not have platelets to stop her bleeding, that is caused by an autoimmune disorder.  All of her organs and weight look great, but without platelets her diagnosis is not good. We do know she had platelets last summer, because she had to have a surgery, so this is a new thing.  She sent us to an emergency vet about 30 minutes away , because they might be able to do more than our local vet.  When we got there, they were waiting for us and we saw the vet very quickly.  Unfortunately, when that vet told us the cost of the treatment we knew we would not be able to do it.  Our dog would have to be admitted for a three day hospitalization and have a blood transfusion.  That first part of the treatment would cost between 4,500 and 6,500. She mentioned that often dogs who have this disorder, need 2 or 3 transfusions over a period of time, with only a 75% success rate. That means our final cost could be up to $20,000.  She understood why we just could not do that treatment, so we asked if there were any other alternatives.  She mentioned we could try a cocktail of meds, and isolate her from her doggy sister for the next few weeks.  She needs to basically be in a bubble so she did not get hurt in anyway, because it would cause bleeding that would not stop, outwardly and internally.  Even though that was not a great option, we are doing the latter treatment.  Hopefully she will begin to start producing platelets again. If you are a praying person, please for a miracle for our sweet girl.  

Ok, now that I have completely brought the mood down, let's try to get it back up.  

I did manage to do a post for St. Patrick's Day this week, which are how to make St. Patrick's Day Marshmallow Pops.  I made them a few years back, but it is still one of my favorite treats to make. 

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  1. Pam,
    I'll keep your family in my prayers! I have no other words.
    I'm so glad your son is ok, what a horrible situation.
    Lisa S

  2. I'm so sorry, sending you hugs and prayers...

  3. Thank you for your kind comments. I have an encouraging update. She is feeling a lot better, and we had a blood level recheck on Monday night. While she did not have the #s that the vet was hoping to see, she now has a few platelets and is going in the right direction. The Vet is hopeful, and so are we! We are continuing the med protocol and will be doing another recheck next week.


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