Thursday, June 17, 2021

Brand New Fall/Autumn Dollar Tree Finds (see before they arrive in stores)

As you know the Dollar Tree is my favorite place to shop for so many reasons.  One of those reasons is the great deals you can get on party items and decor  for only $1.   One of my favorite times of the year to shop the Dollar Tree is in the fall and holiday seasons.   The Dollar Tree tends to start putting items out a few months in advance, and does three waves.  Currently we are in the last wave of summer and 4th of July season, but in early to mid July you will start to see the early wave of the fall and autumn items.  Fall floral has already arrived in many store.  

** This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

 Some of the early fall and autumn items are already available online. If you are a crafter or want to guarantee to find one of the must have items, ordering  online may be the way to go.  I have ordered a few times online, and both times I was very happy with how easy it was.  Another bonus, many items can be shipped free to you local store.

Here are some of my favorite new finds..

How adorable are these Crafters Square mini truck ornaments.  They are perfect for fall crafting or an year round Christmas Tree.  They come in a 4 ct pack. If you would like to order them now, instead of waiting until they arrive in the store, you must order a  case. Since they are small in size, they come in a case of 48.  You can check more information about  them out here.

I LOVE these horizontal harvest signs. I plan on getting all of them, but I especially love the Thankful & Blessed red truck sign.  If you buy these online they come in a case of 24.  You can find more about them here.  

These metal hanging harvest pumpkin signs come in a case of 36. I love the new colors and plaid pattern they have added this year. You can find more info about them here.

Oh wow! I will definitely be picking up some vertical hanging harvest signs.  They are just shy of 2 feet long.  These are available in a case of 24.  You can see more information about these gorgeous signs here.

How cute is this little guy?!  I think he is adorable! He is available online now in a case of 24.  You can see him up close here.

I am also definitely going to pick up some of these long harvest handing signs.  Which is your favorite?  I can't decide between the Welcome sign and the one with all the fall activities.  They come in a case of 24. The info on these signs can be found here.

 I am also loving these plaid pumpkin shaped wall decor.  It looks like plaid will be a fad for a bit longer.  They come in a case of 24.  If you want to see more info on these, you can find it here.

The fall craft supplies are starting to appear online as well.  While I did not see anything brand new this year, they did have a lot of great supplies available. If you missed on out on the 3D pumpkin wreath form, it is available now.  You can see all of the fall craft supplies currently listed here.


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