Saturday, June 19, 2021

Dare to Share #473

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

Whew!! What a day! Today is one of those days where there was a lot of chaos, but you are grateful that everything turned out okay in the end.   This morning I woke up to pouring rain.  I had to be to my babysitting job pretty early, and I had to pack my car to go to Ohio right after I finished sitting.  I did get a little wet loading up the car, but thankfully it was not that bad.  Then I drove to work.  The day went pretty well, but just was getting ready to head out on my trip, my boyfriend called to tell me there were tornados near where I would be driving, so I needed to be careful  It was nice where I was, and the radar showed that the storm would pass before I got to that area, so we decided it was okay for me to start driving.  Everything was fine for the first hour.  Just a few miles from the Ohio border, my car started making a very loud noise. It sounded like my tire was flat, even though I knew it was wasn't.  I thought it might be the roads causing the noise, but then it continued to get worse as I crossed into Ohio where they have better roads.   I went a few more miles but my car was starting to shake, and I did not feel safe on the highway anymore.   I got off at the nearest exit, and found a safe parking lot to park and call my boyfriend.  He was two hours away from where I was.  Since I did not feel safe driving anymore, he drove the two hours to come check my car.  There was a nearby Target and Dollar Tree, so I did have somewhere to go while I waited.   It was just started to get dark when he arrived.  He checked out my car, and found it was a really good thing that I had pulled over.  My front tire was loose, and would have fallen off at some point on the highway.  I am very lucky that didn't happen.  Once he tightened the bolts the noise had stopped, and my car was running fine again. I normally do not drive the entire way, but park at a midway point where he normally meets me. We parked my car there, and took only one car the rest of the way.   We continued to head toward his house when we saw more really big storms overhead.   Thankfully he was driving at this point, because it was raining so hard we could barely see.  After awhile the skies cleared, and we made it safely to his house around 1 am.  Had my drive been uneventful I would have been here four hours early.  So here I am at 1:37 writing this post.  

Did you see my other post from this week? The Dollar Tree is started to put their new fall items on their website.  Many of the new items will be must haves for the fall.  You can see what will be available or order early online here, before they begin to arrive in the stores.  

Well it is super late and we have a busy day planned tomorrow, so I am going to get this party started.. 

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Happy Saturday, thanks for hosting :)

  3. Harrowing journey! Glad you are safe!

  4. Great features this week! Thanks for hosting each week - here to share another round of recipes from Homemade on a Weeknight!

  5. Wow, how scary! I'm glad you pulled over and had your boyfriend check your car before you went on! Thank heavens you are safe! Hope the rest of your week is awesome!

    Tee xo


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