Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Backyard Water Fun

Tomorrow is my last day of school for the 2020-2021 school year, and we are going through a heat wave.  Since it is the start of summer break, I  am also thinking of making a printable summer fun checklist for my Etsy shop.  I started going through my old summer challenge posts, and began reminiscing about the all the fun things my kids did when they were younger.  After going through the rabbit hole for awhile, I realized that a lot of our summer projects  we so much fun they should be shared again. 

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In this post I am going share the inexpensive ways you can have fun with water.  All of the items used in these projects can be found at the Dollar Tree.

I buy all of my sponges at the Dollar Tree. They have many different types and colors to choose from.  We made these water bombs cutting several sponges into strips and then fastenings a few of the strips together. I am trying to see in the picture what we used it was either a rubber band or a small piece of pipe cleaner that was tucked in.  They kids enjoyed throwing them at each other, and they were much easier  than water balloons.  

We made our own sprinkler from a pool noodle. It is very easy to make.  To make one you need to duct tape one end of the noodle as securely as possible.  Then use a skewer to make the holes in the noodle for the water to come out.  The last thing you do is insert your garden hose in the open end of the noodle. 

The water project my daughter and her friends enjoyed the most was the water blob. To make a water blob you need plastic sheeting, strong duct tape, and the garden house.  We made two of them that summer.  You can see the first version at this post here.. The water blob experiment  
and the second version here.. the water blob.. Redo!

What ways do you like to have fun with water in the summer? 

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