Thursday, December 3, 2020

Red Truck Christmas Crafts


I have been wanting to work on this craft for several weeks, but I have been so busy with school, that I did not have a chance until this past weekend.  As you may know from my blog and Instagram posts, I love anything red truck.  When I was able to find a few of the wooden trucks at the Dollar Tree, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.  

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I started this project with two DIY wooden Christmas Trucks , a piece of pallet wood from the Crafter Square aisle, and a package of the Christmas trees from the Cobblestone Christmas Village.  I forgot to take a picture of the pallet before I painted it. As you can see I painted it dark brown.  

Added: New in 2021 Dollar Tree has added a few new trucks to their inventory  a paintable MDF truck, and this wooden truck with Christmas tree and trailer

An alternative to the pallet wood, is the wooden rectangular crate, which is available online in small quantities. 

Since I wanted to make a double sided 3D truck and the wooden trucks had doors on the same side, I had to remove the extra pieces and glue them on the opposite side of one of the trucks.  The pieces are glued on pretty well with wood glue, so they were not super easy to remove. I did slightly damage the door, but it gives the truck some charm and will be on the back side of the truck. I painted both of the truck pieces the same on both sides and added details.  You will see in one of my later pics how I added extra details like shading and snow, but I don't have a picture of it at this step. 

Using a bit of hot glue, I glued the pallet to the back side of one of the trucks.  This will be the truck bed where you will place the Christmas trees. 

To make my truck stand up, I added hot glue to the second side of the pallet and then attached the second truck while holding them upright. I wanted to make sure they were lined up evenly. 

After deciding where to place on the pallet, I decided to glue them down.  This step is completely optional.  I am considering picking up another package of the trees and adding a few more.  I really loved how the truck turned out but I thought it was missing a little something. 

I remembered that I had found these mini ornaments for only $1.88.  I believe they are from Walmart.  The Farm Fresh Trees ornament  was the perfect size for the door of the truck. 

I hot glued the ornament to the truck, and it finished the look.  I love how this turned out.  I think it will look cool on a white snow blanket with a few other trees around it. I am still in the process of getting out my Christmas decorations.  Hopefully once I get everything out, I will add it to Instagram. 

Another red truck craft I made were these wooden ornaments for my red truck themed Christmas tree.  I found them in the Christmas craft aisle at the Dollar tree.  As with the large wooden truck.  I painted them all the same, and then added the details on the truck and snow on the tree. I painted them on both sides, so they could face in either direction when on the tree.  

I used jute twine to make the loop to hang them on the tree, but I wanted to add just a little more.  I bought this amazing Christmas ribbon tower from Walmart for only $4.88. (only .82 per roll!)   I love all the ribbon that is included in this set. I decided on the buffalo check trees to make little bows to tie on the jute twine. 

Here are what the final ornaments look like.  I just love them and how they look on the tree. 

Added: If you prefer not to paint red trucks, has this  version of the red truck ornament available online in small quantities. 

I just love my red truck tree. I seriously can not stop looking at it. It is in the corner of my bedroom, and makes me smile every time I see it.  You can see one of the ornaments in the bottom picture. I added a camper ornament behind it that I also found at the dollar tree.  

I have a few more red truck crafts to complete that I will be adding soon! 

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