Saturday, December 19, 2020

Three Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

I posted in some of my recent posts that I am giving  themed gift baskets to my boyfriend's kids.  Two of the are teenagers and one is in his 20s.  I found so many great things while shopping at the Dollar Tree, I thought I would share my finds to maybe give you inspiration on what you can give as a gift as well. 

First up are the things I bought for his daughter.  She loves art, shrimp and quirky, silly things.  Seen in this photo is a pizza eraser, a flamingo tape expenses, 2 scratch art kits, a donut coin purse, a LED glow art maker, a 300 piece Bob Ross puzzle, and a donut and bacon notebook. 

The T-shirt is not from Dollar Tree but from Kohls (the only non DT present). I got a great deal on it about a month ago, and bought it because she is obsessed with shrimp  She also likes shiny, glittery things so I got her the reindeer tie and glasses.  I think 90% of my socks are from DT.  I found some really cute one the last few months.  I know she will love the sloth holding the donut, a llama flying a plane, and a pair with sushi and shrimp.  Not pictured because I bought it after I took the picture is a stuffed piece of shrimp sushi. 

The scared narwhal pen has that look on his face, because I forgot to put him in the pictures. 

The next themed basket is for his teenage son who likes to play games.  There are so many great games that I found to put in his basket.  A mini pool table, a tabletop basketball set, a tabletop dart set, a tabletop cornhole set, a mini wooden tower game, left center, right dice game, and a brain teaser wooden puzzle. 

I look forward to playing some of these card games with their family.  I picked up Family Fued, Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune, and an Escape Room Challenge. I also picked up a Jeopardy game, but I kept that one for my myself. 

Since he just turned 16 and really wants to get a jeep, I am putting two jeep hot wheels in the basket.  While it is kind of silly, but also kind of fun, I am also giving him a fart machine. I am sure he will also be challenging people with his fighting finger robots.  I think he will like the Christmas tree tie, and the Christmas tree glasses. 

The last gift basket is for his oldest son.  He is learning how to cook, and is on the spectrum. To encourage his love of cooking I am giving him a kitchen/cooking basket.  In the top picture I am giving him a mixing bow with a handle, a small strainer, several Betty Crocker utensils, a spoon rest, a red oven mitt, and a red silicone trivet that can also be used as a pot holder.  Not picture was a measuring cup and a package of Reynold Wrap pre cut squares. 

Some more items I found are a Duncan Hines brownie mix, a Betty Crocker cookie mix, a cutting board, a dicer utensil, two dish towels, two different size cooking bags, five made simple cook books, and for fun a Santa themed apron.  Tonight while out looking for a basket big enough to hold everything, I found two more simple recipe cookbooks.  

Each of the kids will also be getting some candy.   Fast food gummies, a candy bar with a million dollars on the wrapper, a chocolate Rudolph, and some Rudolph snacks. 

It has been a lot of fun putting these baskets together.  There were so many great gifts to put in them this year.  

Updated 12/23 
I gave the kids their baskets on Sunday night, since I was not going to be there on Christmas.  The kids took turns and opened them one at a time.  I told each of them that I chose their gifts based on what I knew about them.  His daughter went first.  When I asked her what she thought I knew about her, she said that she loved art and shrimp. She loved all the fun quirky items I found, and immediately put on the shrimp socks.  Next up was his youngest son. He told me that I knew he liked games and wanted a jeep.  He also was happy with all of fun games he received. His oldest son was the last to open his basket.  I originally bought him a green basket too, but there was just too much stuff to fit it in, so I went back and bought the bigger white one. He also loved all of the kitchen items he received. He looked through every cookbook, and found several recipes he wanted to try and make for the family. Since the gift baskets were such a great gift, I am going to start looking now for great gifts to give on their birthdays and next Christmas.   

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  1. Pam, happy holidays! These gift baskets are so sweet and thoughtful! I especially love your cooking basket - so practical with fun holiday colors too! Have a happy new year! Best, Jen


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