Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Last minute Stocking Stuffers

Christmas is coming, and it is coming very quickly.  Christmas Eve is just over a week away.  Are you ready?   I am for the most part.  The last gift that I was waiting for finally arrived today. I ordered it at the end of November. I probably will pick up a couple more gifts for my son who has refused to give me ideas this weekend.  I plan on sending my oldest a care package of Christmas/birthday gifts after Christmas. (her birthday is in January, and hopefully shipping will be easier and quicker then.  

As you know from my posts, I love the Dollar Tree and this year the Christmas stock has been amazing.  It has been so good that I got all of my stocking stuffers, and even things for themed gift baskets there this year.   

Since the people I bought these stocking stuffers for do not read my blog, I can share with you pictures of some of the great finds, in case you still need ideas.  

 These items I plan on putting in my daughter's stocking who loves make up and beauty items. In the first picture is a foot sugar file, a diamond nail file, a silicone make up blender, cucumber eye compresses, Botanico eye compresses, and two lip balms.  In the bottom picture are lip glosses I found for 90% off after Halloween at Meijer. (the only non Dollar Tree product)  


My boyfriend's 16 yr old son loves playing games. While I plan on making him a themed gift with these some of these games, they are perfect stocking stuffers for a teen, older child, or someone who loves games.  In the top photo are table top darts, cornhole, and a generic Jenga game. Also included is a block puzzle, Sloth Rummy, an Escape Room Challenge, Left Center Right dice game, and finger Robots.   In the bottom picture is card versions of the game shows Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, Deal or No Deal, and Jeopardy.

His daughter who is the same age as my daughter, loves fun quirky things. These are some of the items I bought for her.  Notebooks with  pictures of bacon and donuts, a donut zipper purse, scratch art kits in two colors, and a flamingo tape dispenser. 

I love the themed socks DT has available.  Some of my fun finds have been a llama flying an airplane, gnomes, a sloth hugging a donut, and pretzels.  

These items are for my boyfriend. He loves German food, and served in Germany for a few years so I know he will will the pretzel socks and beer mask. Other things in this pic are a small tool set, camper sock and a Hot Wheels ID muscle car. What is really cool about the ID cars if you can find them, is you can play/race them on an app on your phone.  

If you like squishy toys they have this Christmas set. All are adorable, but I think I like the snowman the best. 

These are going in MY stocking. Flavored lip balms in the flavors are some of my favorite cereals and pop. 

There are a lot of unicorn themed items available.  Unicorn sticker books, a rainbow calendar, an unicorn marque light, an unicorn glitter banner, several different types of stuff unicorn, and a cute unicorn light up desk light. 

You can find many kinds of Disney items like these cute Tsum Tsums. Not pictured but also available are Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. 

You can find fun and silly items like a fart machine and glow art maker. 

 I found a lot of great candy stocking stuffers are well.  In the top pic are Rudolph themed items.  A chocolate Rudolph and lip pops in Rudolph Bumble.   There are lot of different types of boxed candy as well, gummy blocks, peppermint bark, and peppermint crunch Junior Mints.  (I can tell you that they are good, I may or may not have already eaten a box of them.)  

Check back tomorrow.  I will be posting some gift basket ideas for teens and young adults.  

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