Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Thanksgiving "Turkey" Sandwiches

When my kids were younger I made these adorable turkey themed snack size sandwiches to get them excited about the Thanksgiving holiday.  While going through old blog posts recently, I saw these pictures again which made me think it would be a good time to re-share my "Turkey" sandwiches. 

What is kind of fun about making these, is you don't actually need to use turkey.  You can fill it with any other kind of sandwich you would like.  However, if you want to use peanut butter and jelly, you may want to use something other than sweet peppers for the tail feathers

I cut the crust off the bread. We used wheat bread to have a light brown turkey. I used a circle cookie cutter for the head.  Looking at the picture, this might have been a pumpkin cookie cutter. As long as you have a roundish shape head, either works.  Fill the bread pieces with your ingredients of choice. Some good ones to use could be chicken salad, tuna, lunch meat etc.. 

Slice colorful red, orange, and yellow sweet peppers for the feathers.  I also cut a little bit of yellow for the beak, and a smaller piece of red for snood.  Attach the peppers by placing an end inside the sandwich. 

To make the eyes, I cut cranberries in half (you can also use grapes or raisins),  and attached it to the bread with a small amount of cream cheese.  

These Thanksgiving turkey themed sandwiches are super easy and fun! Serve and enjoy. 


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