Friday, November 13, 2020

3 Tips to Planning a Close-Knit Thanksgiving on a Budget

 If you are feeling like me, you are wondering what the holidays are going to look like this year.  This pandemic has changed so many things about our everyday lives, including the holidays.  This year is the year we are not having huge parties, or large family get togethers. In many states including mine, it is suggested that we celebrate Thanksgiving with only those in our immediate households.  With all the changes in mind, I am sharing this article with tips on how to plan a small family Thanksgiving 

3 Tips to Planning a Close-Knit Thanksgiving on a Budget

The holidays are my favorite time of the year. Between the famous family recipes, spending time with loved ones and reflecting on everything I am so thankful for, it’s easy to love the holiday season. Last week, I shared a few of my favorite Thanksgiving turkey crafts which offer my family and I some added time together, but the options for bonding time are endless. 

As I sit here thinking about the next several holiday weeks ahead, I can’t escape the thought that this year will be quite different than past holiday celebrations due to COVID-19. Fewer people at the table and tighter budgets than normal mean people, including myself, must get creative in celebrating the holidays. With that being said, here are a few ideas of mine to help you enjoy the holiday season on a budget and in a close-knit group!

Relax Together

The holidays are meant to be spent with family and close friends, and that’s no different in my house. Whenever I host a holiday, my biggest worry is that there won’t be ample seating space for guests to all be together. While the kids can play in their rooms or the basement, I always make sure the adults get first pick in seats, and try to ensure that I have the comfiest  sofa furniture for them to choose from. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than enjoying a meal, then relaxing and sharing stories with those I’m closest to.

Plan Games

After the meal is finished, a long-standing tradition in my family is for us to all gather around and play games together. With a smaller gathering this year, the games will mean that much more to my family. Board games from Monopoly to Apples to Apples and even Charades allow us to spend quality time together and include everyone. If you are inviting a small group of friends and family over for Thanksgiving, ask each family coming to bring their favorite game to share. Not only are games a fun way to spend time laughing, but odds are you have a few lying around the house already and won’t have to go out and buy anything new!

Prep the House

Possibly the best part of the calendar switching from October to November is the general feeling of the upcoming holiday season. For me, this means decorating and Christmas music accompanied by holiday movies. Plan a weekend before the holidays to spend time with those you’re closest with and put up the decorations while listening to music to get into the holiday spirit. After a day of prepping and decorating the house with garland, sitting down to watch the 25 Days of Christmas movies has always been a holiday favorite at my house.

Take Time For Yourself

At the end of the day, the holidays are a time to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. Between the shopping, party planning, cooking and everything in between, sometimes you may feel overwhelmed and swept up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Considering the craziness of what’s been going on in the world this year, the holidays should be your escape. Make sure to take time for yourself and enjoy the moments with those you love most in your home. 

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