Thursday, November 5, 2020

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I wanted to re-share some of my favorite Thanksgiving crafts. There are too many for just one post, so I am breaking it up into two posts.  Today you will see all things turkey.  

In the picture above, I made adorable turkey napkin rings, out of a paper towel tube and craft paper. 

Another favorite is my turkey place card, made from craft foam and pipe cleaners.  They were fun, colorful, and a huge hit with my family.  

Turkey treat cups  were a colorful and sweet addition to our Thanksgiving table a few years back.  They were filled with candy corn pumpkins which you can find out clearance at many stores right now. 

 Do you have any leftover dollar tree craft pumpkins?  Turn one into a Thanksgiving centerpiece with this turkey pumpkin.


Using a dollar tree candy dish and some craft supplies I had on hand, I made this Thanksgiving turkey candy dish.

This cute guy was a Kara original during her Crafting with Kara series.  You can see how to make him with this turkey craft tutorial.

What types of crafts are you making for Thanksgiving this year?  

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