Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Garden Parties and Flower Cupcakes

This weekend it is the birthday of my son and one of my best friends.  Over the years I have thrown them parties and made them special treats.  There are no big parties planned this year, but I do have a few treats in the works.  In honor of their big day, I thought I would re-share some party ideas I have done in the past starting with my friends big birthday.

Garden Party Table, Flower Pot Favors

When my friend hit a milestone birthday a few years ago, I planned the party.  I did not want to make fun of her age, because I am a couple of years younger than her. I knew that if I was nice to her, she would be nice to me when the time came. (which will be this year!)   We kind of had a duel theme, which was a Garden Party and Spring Chick.  (she was not old, but still a spring chicken!) 

On the main table we had a pretty vase filed with flower and mini Flower Pot Favors filled with candy.  I had found these mini pots at the dollar store in packages of 3 for $1. 

DIY Flower Pot Topiaries

Make your own flower topiary

We also made several Flower Topiaries to decorate the party area.  They were a perfect fit for our Garden Party theme.  Notice there is also a little chick in the picture.  

I had made a Cupcake Stand using candlesticks and plates from the dollar store to hold the Spring Chick cupcakes. 

Flower Cupcakes with Gum Drop Flowers

The following year for her birthday I made her these Flower Cupcakes.  They turned out so pretty and would also make a great gift for Mother's Day coming up in a few days.  

This year she would like me to make something with chocolate and cherry.  I am not sure exactly what I am making yet, but look for it very soon!  

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